30 in June 1981 | Elections 1981

The Tenth Knesset elections were among the most turbulent in the history of the state. During this turbulent time, emotions ran high and the election made clear of an ethnic gap that was growing within Israeli society. At a public Labor Party assembly, entertainer Dudu Topaz made an offensive remark regarding Mizrahi Jew, saying that the “Chakh’chakhim”[1] were at the Likud headquarters. These degrading remarks sparked an uprising. At a Likud rally held the next day, Begin responded with a very charismatic speech, his voice thundering, and called for unity of “Jews! Brothers! Warriors!”. In the elections that were held on June 30, 1981, the Likud was once again the largest party, with 48 seats, and Menachem Begin was elected prime minister again.

[1] Slang for a punk – a child, teenager or adult who is wild and unruly