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Mission: The Menachem Begin Heritage Foundation supports the work of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, which is tasked with preserving the heritage of Menachem Begin for future generations.

Goal: The goal is to strengthen and rejuvenate the foundation to allow the Center’s programs to grow, flourish, and expand beyond preserving and commemorating Menachem Begin’s heritage, values, and legacy. Menachem Begin’s ideas, value-driven leadership, and principles can become the tools of tomorrow’s leaders.

We hope that you will join us in ensuring quality leadership for the future of the Jewish People here in Israel and all around the world. 

Our Friends organizations in the US and Canada:

Friends of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center
3467 South Chester Court
Denver, CO 80231

Canadian Friends of the Menachem Begin Heritage Foundation
One Yorkdale Road, Suite 601
Toronto, ON M6A 3A1