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The Threat from the North
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“Ady Steg, un parcours juif, une histoire française”
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Northern and Southern Branches

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Visitors recommend

Very interesting and fun

We visited with the kids.

An hour and a half of guided tour based on transitions between rooms with videos. Very interesting and fun

Eran Spitz‏
amazing history

A legacy presented and explained with absolute superb authenticity, presenting the amazing history of this man who did so much for Israel

Yehiel Malol
A wonderful place

A wonderful place that describes the life and legacy of Menachem Begin. There are guided tours in the place, and in particular about Menachem Begin.

Yosef Peretz
I recommend visiting there

Without having anything to do with the right or the left, I recommend visiting there to understand the greatness of the man. A leader above his level, with an inner integrity unmatched today…

Sylvie Bam