“The mind of Israel is the essence of 120 generations of thought – 120 generations of philosophers, of God’s seakers and finders. The power of innovation of this Mind, our greatest natural treasure, is unlimited.”

– Menachem Begin, the fifth of Iyar 5708

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center awards three prizes of 10,000 NIS each for outstanding research projects (doctorates or masters), and three prizes of NIS 3,000 each for outstanding seminar work.

The prizes are awarded to seminar and research papers written in one of the following subjects:

  1. Menachem Begin, his work and legacy regarding: the Return to Zion, Settlement of the Land, the supremacy of the law, the integrity of the homeland, foreign policy, the Begin Doctrine and the right to security.
  2. The Zionist Struggle for the Establishment and Survival of the State of Israel
  3. The National Military Organization
  4. Israel as a Jewish democratic state
  5. The peace process with Egypt
  6. Ethics of the Israeli Government
  7. Liberal Nationalism
  8. Personal Freedom in Israel