26 in March 1979 | Peace agreement with Egypt

With the aim of reaching a peace agreement between the two countries, US President Jimmy Carter called for a conference at Camp David. At the end of the thirteen day conference, a framework agreement for peace with Egypt and a framework agreement for peace in the Middle East were signed, which included proposed autonomy for the Palestinians. The agreements weren’t signed without some drama: Carter intended to include an appendix which puts in doubt the status of Jerusalem. Begin clearly stated his refusal to include the appendix, and threatened to leave the conference.

The success of Begin and Sadat to promote peace between their two countries garnered the two leaders with the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded to them in Oslo, Norway. The prize money was turned in to a scholarship fund named in honor of Aliza Begin, which provides assistance to students each year. After detailed negotiations and the bringing of the agreement to the Knesset for approval, it was signed on March 26, 1979. The peace treaty with Egypt was signed on the White House lawn in Washington.