March 1939 | Menachem Begin is appointed Betar Representative in Poland

In March 1939, at the age of only 26, Begin was appointed Betar Representative in Poland, which was the main branch of the movement. More than 70 thousand youths were involved as members, and Begin became the chief of half of those members.

With the appointment, Beitar’s management announced that “Officer Menachem Begin’s own desire was to go to Israel and continue his service there, but at this time we see fit to postpone his Aliyah and have him serve in Poland for a while longer”.

On May 29, 1939, he married Aliza Arnold. They met at her home in Drohobych, eastern Poland (today – Ukraine): Her father, Zvi, was the head of the Revisionist party in the city, where Begin stayed for several months.

The couple fell in love immediately. “At the table sat two 17 year old girls, twins. Although similar, I could immediately tell them apart. One of them, Ella, caught my eye immediately. I decided right away that she would be my wife,” said Begin

The wedding was held in the presence of hundreds of Betar members. Jabotinsky, who made an effort to be present, served as best man at Begin’s side under the alter.