Which is more significant in the identity components of Israeli society – Judaism or Democracy?

Could it be the combination of both?

In the workshop we will examine the balance of power in Israeli society.

We will examine where we place ourselves within the relationship of democracy and our national definition, discuss the

concepts of Judaism, Israeliness and democracy, and sharpen the worldview and identity of the participants.

What kind of leader are you?

In the process of decision-making, do you ask yourself only what might best serve your interests, or do you consider

what might be the right thing to do?

In the workshop we will examine in depth the concept of leadership, the qualities of a leader and methods of leadership.

We will ask how the leader moves his followers to action, and we will embark on an experiential activity outside where we

will explore the Leader’s character.

The workshop demonstrates the need to make decisions on a value-oriented basis, in order to transform the leadership

system into an inspiring one, and to provide tools for active self-reflection.