What are the qualities that make a leader a groundbreaker?

What is required from us in order to be meaningful leaders?

During the lecture, the qualities and nature of the pioneering leader will be reviewed,

With an emphasis on the character and work of David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin,

and tools will be provided to implement this leadership in practice in the lives of the participants.


* The lecture includes watching videos and accompanying discussions.

Where does the power of a leader come from?

In this lecture we will examine the forces used by leaders to motivate followers,

And discuss the model of motivation and guidance through values.

The lecture focuses on the character of Menachem Begin as representing this model.

From the Bar Giora organization to the Palmach

The story of the construction of the Jewish defense force

that fought to protect the Jewish Yishuv in Eretz Israel against the British Mandate and the Arab rioters,

and constituted a breakthrough in the story of the Jewish Yishuv.

What is written in the Declaration of Independence?

What are the main issues that arise from the Declaration?

How does it affect our lives?

A 60 minute lecture which reviews the Declaration, the background to its formulation and its purpose.

The lecture is accompanied by a presentation and videos,

in order to enable an informed understanding of the character of the State of Israel and its different layers.

The lecture raises and characterizes the tensions existing in Israeli society and suggests ways to deal with them.

Among other things, it describes political developments in Israel, social-military relations, and more.

Bombing the Nuclear Reactor in Iraq-

The decision that removed the nuclear threat from the State of Israel,

will it be made again?

Come hear a lecture that examines the decision-making process in the Opera Operation,

from pilots who participated in the operation / journalists who covered it, all in light of the Iranian nuclear issue.