Join the tour in the wake of the number one fugitive from British rule, soon to be Prime Minister!

We will follow important milestones in the life of the sixth Prime Minister, Menachem Begin,

throughout which he made complex historical decisions.

We will learn about his decisions as commander of the Irgun, as head of the opposition and as prime minister.

We will pass through important stations in his life:

the King David Hotel, the Prime Minister’s Residence, the hideout on Alfasi Street and Beit Froumin (the old Knesset),

and examine the values ​​that drove him in his decision making.

* The tour can be conducted in an abbreviated format: the King David Hotel and the Prime Minister’s Residence.

Jerusalem will be one, united, liberated, forever and ever” (Menachem Begin).

But why was Jerusalem not liberated in the War of Independence?

During the tour, we will follow the path of the underground fighters and the IDF

in their determined war revolving the Jerusalem seam line during the War of Independence.

We will leave the Begin Center, go through the significant points in the Old City,

visit unique museums that describe the tense and dramatic period in the formation of the State,

and end at the Western Wall Plaza.

A journey following the leadership of the founding fathers and the events that shaped the early years of the state.

During the tour we will visit sites in Jerusalem that represent the great dilemmas that Ben-Gurion and Begin

faced as leaders of the nation, and the values ​​that drove them in the decision process.

We will discuss the period of the underground and deal with the great ideological questions of the period –

the British Mandate and the Partition Plan, the Reparations Agreement, social justice, war and peace, and more.

The people demand social justice!”

This slogan, which echoed in the 1950s, continues and resonates to this day.

We will take a tour of some of the most beautiful historical neighborhoods of Jerusalem,

examine the social issues that were in play,

and learn about the people who took social and political action from a historical and contemporary perspective.

We will pass through Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Yemin Moshe, Mamila and Morasha (Musrara).

We will follow in the footsteps of different figures – from Charlie Biton to Teddy Kollek,

and we will learn about Begin’s doctrine of correcting society and achieving social justice.

We will also discuss ways to solve contemporary economic and social problems.

The story of the two explosions that shook Jerusalem during the British Mandate.

Come and find out what lies behind the great operations of the undergrounds during the British Mandate in Jerusalem!

During the tour we will go back in time to the turbulent British Mandate period,

during which the undergrounds fought for Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

We will tell the story of the courageous and devoted fighters,

and will learn about the unique cooperation between the different undergrounds

as part of the Zionist struggle for the establishment of the state.

During the tour we will pass through historical points of struggle of the undergrounds such as:

King David Hotel and the old train station.


* It is possible to combine an entrance tour to the Museum of Underground Prisoners

A secret underground meeting is starting now; Menachem Begin will be there – will you?

Want to join a Hebrew class taught by David Ben-Gurion himself?

In the experiential tour, suitable mostly for elementary school students,

we will pass through the neighborhoods of Yemin Moshe and Mishkenot Sha’ananim

and meet different figures who will reveal to us the secrets of the leadership of David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin.

We will sit in a Hebrew class taught by David Ben-Gurion, and join the Irgun under the command of Menachem Begin.

We will be acquainted with the figures of the great leaders and their influence on the Jewish people throughout the periods –

before the establishment of the State of Israel, and after.