The Junior Knesset program is an interactive, role-playing simulation of how Israel’s democratic system operates. It aims to educate students about the legislative process and allows them to hone their public speaking and debating skills while exercising their cooperative abilities and team building talents.

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center offers the unique experience of becoming a ‘Member of Knesset’ for a day and learning how laws are created through the process of committees, amendments and voting.

In the Center’s Hecht Auditorium, which transforms into a replica of the Knesset plenum, students will attempt to pass a law on a topical issue related to Israel and Jewish-Israeli identity.

In a hands-on experience, the program educates about the different positions and institutions in the Knesset as well as the methods and hurdles encountered in the legislative process and the overall importance of the Knesset as the foundation of the State of  Israel’s vibrant democracy.

The two-hour workshop is available in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Spanish for groups of up to 100 participants a day.

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