Halls and Rooms for Rent

.The Begin Heritage Center offers a variety of halls and rooms for rent for seminars, conferences, lectures, performances, etc ◊

The Center is suitable for events where a central meeting is needed in the plenum or splitting into smaller groups in the various rooms that we have ◊

.I n the lobby of the center, overlooking the walls of the Old City, events can be held for up to 200 guests, around tables or sitting in rows◊

.Audiovisual equipment, amplification, recording and filming of the event can be provided at an additional cost ◊

.(The restaurant, which is located inside of the Center, provides light refreshments as well as full meals (Kosher, dairy ◊

.Visits to the museum and/or lectures on behalf of the Begin Center are availble ◊

The center is accessible to the handicapped. All rooms have free Wi-Fi connection ◊