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Roy Ofir, Director of Archive

About the Archives

The Menachem Begin archive was established in 2000 and operates under the Begin Heritage Center Law, enacted in 1998.
The archive contains material related to Menachem Begin’s activities in his various roles in the public, political, and Likud spheres, as well as personal materials belonging to Menachem Begin or regarding his life.
The archive consists of two parts: the historical-documentary archive that covers the activities of Menachem Begin in his life;
and The administrative archive of the Begin Heritage Center – where materials that are created during the ongoing work are collected.
The archive has about 5,000 deposit items, 300,000 documents placed in 8,500 files, and a collection of more than 10,000 photographs, most of which have been cataloged and scanned.
We also have 1,800 audio-visual items, most of them from the IBA archive and some from television stations from around the world; we have tapes and audio CDs, including speeches by Begin and interviews with him from the radio archive, and audio recordings of the Bible Class at the Prime Minister’s Residence. All of our audio-visual collections have been digitized and are accessible to researchers through the research computers at the Begin Centers. Additionally, we have a large collection of newspaper clippings, mainly in Hebrew and English, a collection of posters and proclamations, and 1,000 visual exhibits, including personal artifacts of Begin, gifts, portraits, etc.