From East to West

יום ג', כ"ד סיון התשפ"ג,  13 יוני 2023
מרכז מורשת מנחם בגין, ש.א. נכון, ירושלים, ישראל
To register for the event click here
To register for the event click here

Tuesday | 13 June | at 19:30

Antisemitism in the Arab world is nothing new, nor is its prevalence in Arab media outlets.
But for over three years, CAMERA Arabic has been uncovering Jew-hatred in Arabic media outlets connected to mainstream media in the West,

including BBC News Arabic, Sky News Arabic, France 24 Arabic and CNN Arabic.
CAMERA (the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting & Analysis) is partnering with the Begin Center to discuss its findings,
alongside co-panelists Itamar Marcus from Palestinian Media Watch, and Israeli-Arab political commentator Ibrahim Abu Ahmad.
The event will be moderated by Tamar Sternthal, director and founder of CAMERA’s Israel Office.