A Political Cautionary Tale – The Fast of Gedaliah

יום ד', ג' תשרי התשפ"ג,  28 ספטמבר 2022
Menachem Begin Heritage Center, ש.א. נכון, ירושלים, ישראל
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In a special Jewish text study in English to mark the holiday period, Calev Ben Dor will take us into the story behind the Fast of Gedaliah, taking place on this date, the day after Rosh Hashana. Marking the assassination of a Jewish governor in Judah after the destruction of the First Temple, the story took on greater resonance after another political assassination – that of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995. As deep divisions continue to plague Israeli society, this text – as well as the decisions leading up to the Temple’s destruction – provide a cautionary tale for how to safeguard autonomy and sovereignty.